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Tennessee Probation Violation Attorneys

Accused of Violating Probation? Contact a Lawyer Today!

A single probation violation does not necessarily mean that you are headed straight for jail or that you must serve out the entire term of the original offense for which you were convicted. You are entitled to a hearing to challenge the probation violation charges you are facing, and having proper legal representation may make a big difference in the final outcome of your case.  

Criminal defense attorney Marcos M. Garza  is highly experienced in representing clients who have been accused of violating the terms of their probation. We have over a decade of legal experience and our firm has a staff of support personnel that are here to meet your unique needs. We take on cases throughout Knox County and the surrounding areas in Eastern Tennessee and offer a free initial case evaluation to get the process started.

About Probation Violations in Tennessee

A probation violation is typically any action which violates the terms of one’s probation. Some examples of common probation violations include the following:

    * Associating with known criminals

    * Possession of a firearm

    * Failure to report to probation officer

    * Drug or alcohol abuse

    * Failure to perform community service

    * Failure to attend counseling

    * Failure to appear in court

If you are found guilty of a probation violation in Tennessee, you may face serious penalties. The court may decide to implement the penalties that could have been enforced for the original offense you were convicted of, and this may mean that you will have to carry out your entire prison or jail sentence.

Accused of a probation violation in Tennessee? Contact a skilled attorney today regarding your criminal defense representation.